New Life Fellowship's Candle Light Service 2014.

In the past whenever I'd participate in a candle lighting service at New Life, I'd be in the pit playing synth/organ or electric guitar. This past year, I was asked to photograph the service which made me just as happy. These services are normally very beautiful, but this particular service was special in that the majority of the music was played by a sixteen-piece orchestra which was conducted by singer/writer/producer Leon Lacey.

Enjoy the photos! And I hope you all had a restful, wonderful holiday.

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Ben and Min.

Back in November, my super talented boss Albert Cheung asked me to second shoot a wedding with him that took place at the Village Club at Lake Success out in Long Island. It was an appropriately beautiful location for the beautiful couple. Ben and Min's love for each other and their guests' love for them was apparent although I was only with them for a few hours. Great time, so glad I got to be part of capturing their big day.

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Hi everyone! Glad to finally be getting this blog up and running. I thought it would be appropriate to write my first official blog post on the first wedding I ever shot.

Thanks for stopping by!

Back in October, I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of two friends - Steve and Cate - which took place on a beautiful property called A Private Estate up in Germantown, NY. The location was enough to take my breath away, but when I saw how much love and effort went into the wedding itself, I was taken aback.

I hope you enjoy looking through my [and my second shooter's] photos of this beautiful rustic DIY wedding. And congratulations once again, Steve and Cate!

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Hey all! This is a bit of a throwback, dates back to October 2013: friends Marcus and Nicole's wedding day. I was only asked to photograph the prep time, but was definitely both happy and proud to have been part of their day in whatever capacity they needed. Enjoy!

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Julie and Daniel.

Before she left for Cali back in 2012, my friend Julie asked me to photograph a small pre-wedding party she and her at-the-time-fiancé was hosting. It was my first real paid gig and I was still shooting with my Rebel T1i; also, I didn't know that 4.0 was NOT the largest aperture and I wasn’t sure what a speedlight was. Nevertheless, it was a big step forward in my freelancing career as it gave me a lot of confidence in my work and my ability and a lot of motivation. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your smaller-big day, Julie!