i'm judea.

I'm a moody artist searching for authenticity, living in NYC. As a photographer, I find myself on a never-ending quest to tell stories and share beauty through details, forgotten moments, and alternative perspectives. As a graphic designer, I enjoy making and breaking shapes and merging minimalism with grunge. As a musician, I'm constantly trying to follow my passion and inner voice.

In 2008, I began my studies at SUNY New Paltz thinking I'd graduate with a degree in music, but while my heart has and will always passionately pursue music, I found myself switching majors to Visual Arts. Whatever natural talents I had in the arts very quickly led me to graphic design and photography. In 2012, I graduated from New Paltz with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts with a concentration in graphic design.

Currently loving: Jesus, music, movies, video games, reading, good food, coffee/tea, beer/wine, traveling, anything Paris-themed, winter, my family, and my wonderful husband.


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